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The Globe and Mail: practice empathy for an engaged and loyal workforce.

Companies around the world are struggling to attract talent in an increasingly challenging and competitive job market. This is especially true as talent expectations for their employers have shifted.

After two years of pandemic layoffs, rehiring, resignations and returning to work, job seekers are becoming more non-negotiable when it comes to one thing in particular: they want to work for a company that cares about them as people, not commodities. And it’s companies that treat their workers like people that will succeed.

“People, not companies, create magic,” writes Veronica Frisch, executive vice president at Randstad Sourceright in Canada. “Companies have to ensure their employees are engaged and feeling like their needs are being met. Empathy is critical to understanding.”

Empathy means creating safe and inclusive spaces that value mental health and wellness. It means promoting work/life balance, opening communication channels, and encouraging diverse voices and opinions. Empathy is authentic and lasting, becoming part of a company's DNA.

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