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taking charge during a crisis: agile recruiting resources on demand.


Rapid market changes. Virtual hiring. Surging demand for contingent and permanent talent to meet business requirements for specific roles. Some organizations are racing to keep up with customer demand during this pandemic.

Getting greater agility to bring additional recruiting resources in quickly – when and where they are needed most – can help you speed up hiring and meet business demand at speed, while ensuring a positive talent experience for all.

Our recruiter on demand (ROD) solution is designed to immediately address your most critical contingent or permanent staffing needs in a cost-effective way. We provide a team of highly trained professionals to quickly source, screen and engage talent for both volume hiring and any specific hard-to-fill positions.

How does a recruiter on demand work?

As part of our portfolio of managed services, our ROD solution can be deployed on short notice. There’s no need for costly implementation or time-consuming project management. We provide a right-sized team of recruiters and deploy scalable resources and technology as needed. More importantly, we deploy sophisticated recruitment marketing techniques to expand reach across your staffing needs and give you immediate access to Randstad’s extensive talent databases. You'll also get access to our highly skilled recruiters who are trained in finding and engaging talent using a proven sourcing methodology. This dramatically minimizes hiring times and avoids disruption to your business.

When you deploy a ROD solution, requisitions forwarded to Randstad Sourceright will be managed by dedicated recruiter(s) with expertise in the skills you seek. Working seamlessly with your talent acquisition or procurement teams and any established processes and technologies, we will source and deliver qualified and vetted talent directly to your hiring managers. Whether it’s contingent and permanent staff to meet the spiking needs of your retail, warehouse, production and logistics facilities, through to in-demand professionals skills in areas like IT, scientific, technical, healthcare, communications and project management — we have you covered.

Meeting your business needs from day one.

ROD is a flexible and scalable solution. Whether you need to accommodate a sudden spike in hiring during this crisis or are working on a new project, the Randstad Sourceright team can meet any volume of requisitions with little notice. Because all our recruiters are expertly trained, there is less of a learning curve to start delivering talent who fit your requirements.

Our support is both strategic and tactical. By embedding (virtually) as part of your team and  supporting your leadership at this critical time, working with Randstad Sourceright can help improve your talent experience and drive your employer brand.

Accelerate business impact through high-tech talent marketing.

Keeping your reputation strong and attractive, in an agile and cost-effective way, makes an immediate and tremendous impact: faster hiring times, better cultural fit and lower recruitment costs. These immediate gains will turn into longer-term business impact through stronger talent engagement for when life returns to normal. Talent will not forget, nor forgive, your words and actions today. Our marketeers know how to quickly deploy the right message through the right channels to support your ROD solution, while enhancing your brand for tomorrow.

Innovative HR tech and recruitment strategies.

Our recruiters use creative sourcing and screening methods, including video interviewing to ensure talent is quickly sourced and deployed as needed. Our innovative solutions and HR tech can not only help identify talent faster, but also simplify the process of connecting qualified talent with hiring managers. All of our recruiters can access the Randstad Digital Toolkit for challenging times, which incorporates a range of rapidly deployed, free and cost-minimized solutions to help companies and employees get back to work. This initiative brings together our experts with leading technology solutions to help businesses:

  • virtualize the workplace
  • get rapid answers to their most pressing workforce challenges
  • transition workforce
  • receive just-in-time consultative support from leading solutions providers

You can learn more about the Randstad Digital Toolkit here.

Virtual recruiting expertise on demand.

No matter your circumstances or requirements, we can build you a complete, agile recruiting team or bring you modular expertise on demand. Here’s the immediate expertise we can deliver to your business:

Recruitment Business Partner:

  • specialist in end-to-end recruitment management, including requisition management, candidate management and supplier management
  • experience in a variety of VMS and ATS recruitment technologies 
  • competent in stakeholder management and partnering with talent acquisition teams and hiring managers

Sourcing Expert:

  • competent user of market leading sourcing and attraction tools and techniques 
  • access to extensive Randstad and Randstad Sourceright talent pools 
  • talent experts in skills shortages, salary benchmarking and industry trends 
  • effective in positioning opportunities and candidate management

Talent Marketer:

  • deep expertise in building the right messaging quickly  
  • deploying recruitment marketing activation in a matter of days 
  • your personal advisor in keeping your employer brand strong during these extraordinary times

Screening Consultant:

  • provides an efficient and positive candidate experience 
  • confident in dealing with high-volume recruitment campaigns 
  • competent in both telephone and video interviewing of applications utilising a variety of technologies

Recruitment Administration:

  • confident in recording recruitment activity accurately 
  • manages applications and recruitment queries efficiently 
  • experienced in on- and off-boarding administration

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