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Staffing Stream: usher in a new age of human potential by reskilling talent.

Upskilling and reskilling are critical components of workforce planning, as automation. The ability to adapt now is a critical component in future proofing companies and protecting workers.

According to Randstad Sourceright’s 2020 Talent Trends Report, 48% of employers surveyed say they intend to upskill existing workers this year. Some of the areas mentioned for training include artificial intelligence (66%), analytics (59%) and cloud computing (54%). Another 60% of those employers are also looking at developing their employees’ soft skills.

“The companies that strike the balance to develop both sets of skills will be better equipped to handle future challenges and opportunities,” writes Wesley Connor, VP, global Learning and Development for Randstad Enterprise Group. “Determining a plan today will help your organization – and your employees – prepare for the future of work.”

See Connor’s article in the Staffing Stream to read his top five strategies for reskilling talent. You can also learn more about effective strategies to quickly upskill your workforce in Wesley’s article, “Upskilling in a hurry.