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NRC Live: with AI, the future of work is in your pocket.

The future of recruitment is right where we want it to be. Close at hand, easy to access, and ready for ongoing innovation.
It is estimated that there are almost 8 billion smartphones in the world, enabling global business like never before. Geographic boundaries have disappeared as AI-powered apps connect people in an ever-growing human cloud. HR professionals who are eager to adopt new tools will find no shortage of technologies for recruiting and hiring within our increasingly mobile society.
“All these developments are having a tremendous impact on the future of work and recruitment,” writes Michel Stokvis, managing director of Randstad Sourceright’s global Talent Innovation Center. “Through online platforms, workers seeking specific types of employment can readily match their skills, desired hours, pay and other preferences to a growing list of employers seeking the same work parameters.”
Stokvis’ article in NRC Live explains that many large and mid-sized employers are turning to outsourced solution providers to provide the latest in integrated HR technologies, along with the AI expertise that they lack in house. This can be the quickest and easiest way to accelerate talent acquisition in a time of continuing rapid change.
Read Stokvis’ article in NRC Live for additional insights. Then, be sure to watch the on-demand replay of our recent Talent Navigator webinar, “see robots & recruiters in action,” to see how AI is already changing recruitment.