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MPO: a people-first approach to workforce management.

Research shows that the global medical device industry is estimated to grow to $603.5 billion by 2023. Innovation will continue to drive value for providers who seek cost savings after the large expenditures required during COVID-19.

Of course, like all industries, growth depends on talent. And talent is at a premium throughout the life sciences sector. The medical device industry, in particular, depends on emerging skills — like AI, machine learning, virtual reality and more — to get the work done.

“Companies will need to rethink their talent strategies, approach and execution to win over the best talent in today’s highly competitive labor market,” writes Tania de Decker, managing director of Global Strategic Accounts for Randstad Enterprise Group.

“Persuading talent to join requires a compelling employee value proposition, emphasizing career growth opportunities, excellent compensation, a healthy work-life balance and a compelling overall purpose of work. Purpose has become especially important to job seekers in a post-pandemic environment.”

de Decker believes a people-centric philosophy, coupled with a positive talent experience, is a winning combination. See the supporting data in MPO magazine and be sure to check out Randstad Sourceright’s Life Sciences Insights stream for the latest news.