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HRE Online: companies plan to upgrade employee experience.

In 2018, attracting top talent is just part of the equation. Companies need to actively engage their best candidates, improve their workplace offerings and invest in technologies that facilitate the hiring process. So says the majority of 800 C-suite and human capitals leaders around the globe surveyed for Randstad Sourceright’s 2018 Talent Trends Report.

Bob Lopes, Randstad Sourceright president for North America, says, “Talent is harder to find and attract, and technology lets us find people much more quickly.” But finding the right individuals isn’t enough.

Lopes refers to best-practice talent curation as a “tech and touch” approach. This means instantly engaging top talent and keeping them interested with a steady flow of company news, potential job matches and updates about their status once they apply. “It’s very critical to capturing the heart and mind of the candidate,” he stresses.

Other ways that companies are upgrading the employee experience include enhancing their HR technologies, training for internal mobility and improving onsite amenities, Human Resource Executive reports. Human capital leaders say they are also considering a more holistic approach to their search criteria that considers employees, contingent talent and contractors from anywhere in the world, widening the talent pool to find the right person for the job.

Read the article to see what other issues are top of mind for HR executives. Then be sure to download your copy of the 2018 Talent Trends Report for full insights on this year’s research.