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HR Dive: applicants say ghosting employers is okay.

No longer interested in a job? Don’t want to interview? Think HR is taking too long to get back to you? Then, candidates say it’s okay to “ghost” that employer. With the advantages of low unemployment and talent scarcity on their side, more than 40% of applicants agree.

The importance of the candidate experience is increasingly obvious in today’s job market. One of the keys to avoid being ghosted — and wasting your company’s time and money — is to keep top talent informed and engaged. "Hiring managers should follow up with job seekers as much as possible," advises Jim Stroud, global head of sourcing and recruiting strategy for Randstad Sourceright. “Give them a timeline on when you expect to fill the role.”

Adoption of automated HR technologies can help speed the hiring process and improve communications with top-tier applicants. Freeing up recruiters to focus on candidate interaction makes for a more positive and memorable hiring experience.

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