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Forbes: global community must prioritize gender equality.

Women were heavily impacted by job loss and increased family responsibilities during the pandemic, and progress on gender equality in the workplace was put on hold. While jobs have been regained to some degree, other aspects of the gender gap have not improved. 

Around the world, women continue to experience disparity in childcare responsibilities, government representation, leadership opportunities, and access to healthcare services and education. Rebecca Henderson, executive board member of Randstad and CEO of Global Businesses, argues that promoting gender equality is one that can best help employers advance in their businesses.

“The global community, however, can take decisive action to accelerate equality everywhere,” writes Henderson. “In measures large and small, everyone must work toward a day when women share the same rights and opportunities as men.”

Henderson highlights three ways to create positive change for women and girls, advocating for improved access and investments in educational opportunities, pay and workplace transparency, and mentorships for women – particularly those at risk for poverty and violence.

Read the full article in Forbes to learn more about the importance of gender parity at work, and look to Randstad Sourceright for best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion