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EBN: now hiring robots. humans must upskill.

How you feel about AI and automation in the workplace depends on where you sit. But differing views present an opportunity for employers to stand out from their competition as they seek to attract and retain talent.

“As technology is becoming more prominent in the workforce, there are conflicting views among employers and employees about the future of the labor market,” says Cindy Keaveney, chief people officer at Randstad Sourceright.

Randstad Sourceright’s 2019 Talent Trends research indicates that 81% of employers are optimistic about the possibilities that AI will bring to their organization. Not all employees share that view, however. More than 40% are concerned that technology will threaten their jobs, and 65% are taking the initiative to gain new skills on their own.

“... companies should invest in their current workforce by offering relevant training programs,” continues Keaveney. “Retraining employees is a cost-effective and productive way of ensuring companies are adapting to new technologies.”

Read the full article in EBN to see how employers can get the in-demand and emerging skills they need while helping their people adapt. Then get your copy of Randstad Sourceright’s latest Talent Trends research to learn how to meet the rising expectations of talent.