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EBN: artificial intelligence only goes so far in hiring.

As the role of HR technology in recruitment continues to grow, human interactions will remain indispensable as companies seek to stand out in a talent scarce market. That is, according to the latest Talent Trends Quarterly research.

Randstad Sourceright’s survey of more than 800 human capital leaders found that 51% of recruiters prefer the use of automation to identify talent and conduct the initial screenings. The number dips to just 42%, however, when it comes to the interview stage, highlighting the need for human interaction at key touchpoints in the recruitment process.

According to Jason Roberts, global head of technology and analytics for Randstad Sourceright’s Talent Innovation Center, striking the right balance between artificial intelligence and human interaction can empower recruiters to find the best talent. Consider how a lack of sufficient communication and engagement with a candidate can result in a lost opportunity. But, the use of automation can free up a recruiter’s schedule, giving them more time to engage with candidates on a personal level and keep those leads warm.

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