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inclusion beyond imagination | talent navigator series

Learn workforce DEI best practices and the importance of disability inclusion. Our 2022 Talent Trends research found that 76% say diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at work are fundamental to attracting, engaging and retaining talent, and 75% are actively promoting their DEI goals to candidates.

Creating a more inclusive work environment is crucial to building and maintaining a high-performing team of collaborative individuals. But do your DEI initiatives currently leave out an important and valuable group?

This 60-minute talent navigator series features Crosby Cromwell, chief partnership officer for The Valuable 500.

This session will help to unlock the potential of new valuable diverse talent pools, the importance of disability inclusion and how you can help them feel supported in your organization.

You'll learn how to:

  • explore inclusion initiatives that welcome and support all marginalized groups
  • unlock better access to valuable diverse talent pools
  • ensure diverse talent have the opportunity to thrive Workforce diversity initiatives can help you widen your talent pools to hire the skilled professionals your business needs to thrive.

But it’s just one of many strategies that employers are using to renew their talent strategies. Download the 2022 Talent Trends Report for the insights you need to recharge your talent strategy and put people at the center of business growth to create the structure needed for long-term stability and value

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