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building impact on human potential | talent navigator series

This session on generative AI kicks off a 5-part Talent Navigator series to help you unlock the true potential of your workforce. Register for future sessions to hear about human potential and skills based talent models, talent mobility, talent marketing and more:

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear guidance on how to build an organization centered on skill with speakers Francesca Campalani, Joost Heins, and Samantha Schlimper.

In a revolutionary shift, transformation to a skills-based talent model is one of today’s most powerful trends. Companies are redefining how they hire, develop, and nurture talent to tackle skill shortages in an AI-driven workplace. Leveraging technology to make smart decisions, they’re returning to what has predicted success since the ice age: the power of human potential.

The growth of skills-based hiring and talent management, bolstered by data analytics and the latest AI, creates an explosion of opportunity. When hiring for skills, companies are considering candidates without college degrees or industry experience. At the same time, they’re amping up internal skilling to prepare employees for new roles and changing demands.

So, as people pursue new careers and future-proof skills, employers expand talent pools, build agility and increase retention for success in a complex market. Everybody wins. Yet building a skills-based organization is easier than you might think. Human potential is powerful.

People have everlasting agility to learn, along with innate core skills, motivations and aspirations that are even more powerful. As a result, you can enhance organizational performance by looking at people as individuals who are built to learn, rather than as the simple sum of education, past experience and job tasks.

  • So how will you build an organization centered on skills?
  • How will you capture skills and reduce duplication?
  • What tech and data will inform your planning and decision-making?
  • And what role will learned skills, innate core skills, motivations and aspirations play in your talent strategy?

Watch this on demand webinar for valuable insights on how to build an organization centered on skill.

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