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MPO: create long-term value to tackle talent scarcity.

With the explosive growth of innovation, finding digital and specialized skills is crucial for talent leaders in the medtech industry. But talent is scarce, and demand for engineers, clinical researchers and regulatory professionals is higher than ever. So how can companies stay competitive?

According to the 2023 Randstad Enterprise Talent Trends research, leaders must drive talent strategies with sustainable long-term value and measurable performance impact in mind. The report shows that 88% of prioritize value creation over cost savings, compared to 51% the previous year, based on research that surveyed over 900 C-suite and HR leaders in 18 markets globally — including 100 employers from the life sciences sector.

To attract, engage and retain the best talent, companies are offering meaningful work experiences that include coaching opportunities, an internal mobility plan, digitalized HR processes, a talent intelligence strategy, and technologies that empower workers and meet their evolving expectations. They’re also creating positive workplace cultures by promoting diversity and inclusivity (DEI), wellness, and environmental, social and governance efforts.

Read more about talent trends and how companies are preparing their workforce for the future in MPO, then get your copy of the Randstad Enterprise 2023 Talent Trends life sciences and pharma sector report.

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As managing director of global strategic accounts for Randstad Enterprise Group, Tania works with Fortune 500 companies to develop and implement processes that improve and drive recruitment and retention solutions. Furthermore she is responsible for design and implementing customer strategies on a global level and liaise with all local operating companies belonging to the Randstad Group.

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