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forbes: to tackle talent scarcity, think outside the box.

Human capital leaders are facing an intense talent crunch, despite an uncertain economy. That’s why companies are investing in their employees to conquer talent shortages. In fact, 76% of employers are putting more emphasis on employee skill development and career engagement, according to the Randstad Enterprise 2023 Talent Trends research, which surveyed more than 900 C-suite and HR leaders in 18 markets globally.

Overall, companies are building an enticing employer brand to attract and retain top talent. But they’re also thinking outside the box.

For example, to bridge skills gaps, companies are creating reskilling and upskilling programs. They’re also harnessing the talent of gig workers and freelancers to access specialized skills on-demand. And to elevate talent acquisition strategies, 3 out of 5 are investing more in career coaching technology and training platforms such as automation, AI and data analytics.

With innovative approaches, companies are turning challenges into advantages that can help them build a sustainable workforce and meet ever-evolving demands.

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