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global bank empowers diverse workforce with consistent, localized outplacement at scale

global bank empowers diverse workforce with consistent, localized outplacement at scale

Global outplacement program delivers localized expertise in 20 countries, 100% client and employee satisfaction, 80-day average to land new jobs 

  • client
    global publicly traded bank, with 60,000 employees in 20 countries

  • goals
    Lacking consistent and equitable outplacement services, a global bank sought solutions to provide its diverse workforce with country-specific solutions to drive smooth career transitions.

  • solution
    A global outplacement solution from Randstad RiseSmart delivers localized expertise across 20 countries, powered by expert coaches, personalized career transition resources, robust AI job-searching tools and 24/7 digital reporting to help employees quickly land their next role.

  • key results
    With this new localized approach, the company saw a 100% satisfaction rate with participating employees, who land their next role in 80 days on average.

inconsistencies reveal lack of equitable employee experience

Change is constant and fast-paced for this publicly traded global bank with a workforce of 60,000 employees across 20 countries. However, the bank recognized that not all changes are managed equally, particularly in providing outplacement solutions during career transitions. Reviewing its incumbent outplacement services provider of eight years, the bank realized there were inconsistencies in service levels, personalization and market-specific knowledge across its 20 countries. Employees also reported feeling that the services were transactional and impersonal.  

When handling redundancies, the bank wanted to help employees transition to new roles with the guidance of expert career transition services, including career coaches, resume-building services, interviewing preparation and job-searching tools. Meeting each employee’s unique individual, geographical and cultural needs was essential. 

Determined to deliver a consistent and equitable global outplacement solution, the organization launched its search for a new provider. While deep experience in the banking and financial services (BFSI) sector was a must, the bank also required global capabilities, localized expertise, personalized services and the agility to scale seamlessly and globally in today's fast-paced job market.

scalable solutions boost localization, meet global demands

After a thorough evaluation, the bank chose Randstad RiseSmart as its provider. RiseSmart's highly rated global delivery model, industry-leading technology, country-specific expertise and deep knowledge of best practices were all key factors in the decision. 

Powered by robust technology, RiseSmart quickly and efficiently transitioned services from the bank's incumbent provider, seamlessly scaling its infrastructure to meet enterprise-wide and country-specific requirements. Digital solutions address stringent IT, compliance, security and client-specific billing requirements, which are critical in the highly regulated BFSI sector. 

Additionally, a single, comprehensive global platform provides a highly intuitive and accessible user experience. This includes 24/7 on-demand access to industry-leading technology solutions to facilitate coach messaging, job-searching, interview preparation, career assessments and skilling courses, all of which enrich and speed up the outplacement process.

To ensure expert delivery, a diverse team of coaches, writers and recruiters provide language fluency and in-depth knowledge of cultural nuances, job markets, labor laws and regulatory compliance to facilitate market-specific solutions. Soft skills are also essential, and the delivery team's warmth and authenticity ensure an exceptional experience for employees from entry-level staff to senior executives.

Customized programs are also available, and a client-branded talent directory was developed to enhance the visibility of impacted employees with external hiring managers and recruiters. A powerful recruitment tool, the directory gives potential employers early access to market-ready talent to fill their hiring needs, while helping impacted employees land new positions faster.


For someone who hasn't sought out a new job in over 20 years, this service is invaluable. Having someone to guide you throughout the entire job search process including resume building, networking, interview prep etc. it is so important to ensure you're taking all the right steps to best position yourself for future employment.

program participant

program drives global consistency and 100% satisfaction

By partnering with RiseSmart, this global financial institution transformed its outplacement program. Where the program previously lacked the necessary localization and customization to meet the diverse needs of a global workforce, its new solution meets the unique needs of transitioning employees around the world with the same level of care.

With a tech-enabled and localized approach, including local career coaches, handpicked jobs, AI job matching and a company-branded talent directory, the bank is successfully enhancing the way it helps impacted employees move forward confidently and find their next roles. 

Improved participant satisfaction rates highlight the value of adopting this seamless global career transition experience to ensure consistent, high-quality and personalized service no matter where people are located. Employees from entry-level through executive positions across 20 countries land their next role in 80 days, on average, and report 100% satisfaction.


The career coach was something I was considering before I found out that it was being offered as part of the outplacement package. I felt help with my LinkedIn profile, job searching techniques and just the level of network a career coach would bring would be useful, and that has proven to be the case. Also benefiting from their experience of working with senior roles and the type of language and keywords that should be used to maximize 'hits' from recruiters.

program participant

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