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staffing industry analysts: 6 ways to keep your MSP implementation on track.

Competition for niche, in-demand skills is becoming increasingly fierce around the globe. To stay ahead of constant change, many organizations are turning to managed service programs (MSPs) to attract and deploy contingent talent.

MSP programs enable quick access to contingent talent while lowering talent costs. Yet it’s critical to note that building and managing an MSP program requires careful attention to your organization's distinct needs. For one thing, it’s essential to get the right stakeholders on board from implementation and help them maintain enthusiasm long-term; otherwise, your program’s success is at risk.

So how do you manage an MSP to ensure timelines and deliverables are on track right from the start?

Keeping your change champions engaged is critical. In her new article on The Staffing Stream, Randstad Sourceright’s Kate Hibbert shares six ways to keep appetite for change strong, even when change gets challenging.

Discover her best practices for managing MSP programs in Staffing Industry Analysts The Staffing Stream, then learn about MSP here.