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the RPO playbook | a practical guide to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

From solution selection to implementation and getting greater value from your program over time: this is your practical guide to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

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talent acquisition as your business differentiator.

What will your organization need from your workforce a year from now? With the global economy less certain than any other time in recent history, you might as well consult a fortune teller. Never mind a year from today, knowing what the markets will demand over the next 30 days is a challenge in itself.

This is the reason why your business needs workforce agility and scalability now. Having emerged from the global pandemic crisis, you must focus on accelerating growth by building a workforce ready for new and unfamiliar market dynamics. Having the resources at hand when opportunities arise will be critical in the months and years ahead.

Acquiring this type of capability calls for strong talent readiness and the ability of business leaders to rapidly realign resources as needed. You might have prepared your workforce for many contingencies, but the scale and breadth of the current disruption require even more agility and flexibility. Perhaps your organization is now seeing a surge in talent demand and struggling to ramp up quickly. Additionally, the rapid speed at which digital transformation is unfolding, the growing need for reskilling, and the impact of AI and automation on how work gets done require a thorough rethinking of talent strategies. So how will you respond to these unprecedented times?

It begins with building talent. With business needs changing rapidly from one day to the next, your workforce must be enabled with the right skills and ready to react to the most dynamic conditions in decades. Ensuring you have access to the highest-quality people wherever the business takes you is essential to winning and staying ahead of the competition. This can only happen with data, a rigorous recruitment approach and a robust set of tools to accelerate human-driven outcomes.

How can you ensure access to best-in-class people, processes and technologies at a time when resources are hard-fought and rationalization dictates many conversations? Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) playbook provides an in-depth understanding of how a customized solution can help you achieve the best workforce ready for any challenge ahead.

5 questions.
will an RPO address your recruitment challenges?

  1. Do we have difficulties securing internal resources for our recruitment functions?
  2. Are we experiencing longer fill times due to requisitions for more scarce skills?
  3. Have we lost most of our recruiters during the economic downturn?
  4. Are we experiencing high turnover rates shortly after hires are onboarded?
  5. Do we have robust talent marketing and candidate relationship management strategies in place?

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