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the MSP playbook | a practical guide to managed services programs (MSP).

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overcome the unexpected.
be ready for any contingency with flexible talent. 

Being prepared for any contingency is a competency every organization must have to survive in today’s exceptionally challenging times. Never before have businesses experienced such headwinds churning across the global economy, and human capital leaders are being called on to provide leadership that will empower their workforce to respond accordingly.

And for all the contingencies that may come their way, forward-thinking talent leaders will consider more flexible talent in their recovery efforts, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. Facing a global economic crisis sure to linger for some time, many executives are adopting this approach as a way to accelerate recovery and growth. Has your business considered how contingent staffing strategies can help you pivot in the months ahead?

If so, you are also aware of the challenges associated with contingent talent — from compliance requirements to workforce visibility to spend management. There is no question that with more contingent talent utilization, complexity rises, and more of your time is needed to effectively manage temporary staffing, statement of work (SOW) engagements, payrolled talent, independent workers and freelancers.

Are you prepared, then, to make significant investments in time, expertise and spend to accommodate the growth of your contingent workforce?

There is a better alternative to making significant internal investments: an externally provided managed services program (MSP). A customized MSP can help you gather all of the resources needed to operate effectively and efficiently, freeing you to focus on developing the right talent strategies aligned with your business. More importantly, having an external managed services provider delivers the agility and flexibility your company must have to achieve growth and greater market share.

Want to learn how an MSP can prepare your organization for the business challenges ahead? This MSP playbook will show you how you can benefit from managed staffing services, how to build your business case, and what steps can help you implement a successful talent model. Read on to learn more.

5 questions.
Does your contingent workforce management strategy need improvement?

  1. Does our company often face delays in acquiring important temporary skills needed to drive business deliverables?
  2. Are we able to determine the number of flex workers in our organization at any given time?
  3. Is there visibility of contingent staffing spend throughout the entire workforce?
  4. Are there mitigation measures in place to ensure independent contractor compliance?
  5. Are our management systems capable of delivering robust analytical insights?

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