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SIA: direct sourcing leverages your brand to engage talent.

As companies recover in a still-uncertain economy, the flexibility and agility to respond to market conditions are essential. So, it’s no surprise that the use of contingent talent continues to grow, but with a closer eye on gaining fast access to talent and achieving favorable labor costs. That’s where direct sourcing comes into focus.

“Many organizations are forgoing third-party contingent suppliers in favor of direct sourcing contingent recruitment models that lead the employer to engage directly with potential talent,” writes Michael Smith, global CEO of Randstad Sourceright. This helps to build “an engaged and loyal talent pipeline of flexible workers, who know and value the employer brand.”

Direct sourcing can reduce costs, shorten time to hire and improve the quality of hire. Companies that seek to take on this strategy can benefit from working with a managed service provider (MSP) with established processes and technology.

“A key advantage in having an MSP partner is the ability to cultivate a comprehensive candidate care strategy that delivers a personalized experience for every potential candidate,” continues Smith. “Organizations can ensure that the recruitment process for their permanent workforce is better mirrored in their contingent workforce, resulting in a higher predictability of quality of hire.”

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