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career coaching report.

Unlock professional potential with Randstad RiseSmart's Coaching Report. Gain valuable insights and personalized strategies for career advancement. Elevate your career journey today.

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Right now, for global businesses, talent retention is everything

Big disconnects between employees and organizations are fueling resignations, costing businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity and talent. New research shows businesses grappling with retention challenges may find long-term reprieve in a democratized employee coaching program.

a new way forward

For organizations the world over, the past two years have required adaptation and flexibility. The result, dubbed “The Great Resignation”, is a hyper-competitive talent market in which employers and employees experience a major disconnect.

Organizations are racing to understand how best to motivate, develop, and, above all, keep their best people. Our research, conducted among hundreds of organizations and talent across the world, shows that almost half of all employees are actively looking for a new job - or plan to be looking very soon.

Our report provides fresh new insights into the key role that coaching can play for employers to proactively stay ahead of the competition in this, the biggest talent crisis for many years.

do you know?

  • 93% of employers would offer coaching to all if money or resources were no object.
  • 99% of employers see coaching as having a positive or very positive impact on the wider business.
  • 93% of employees feel open and receptive to new job opportunities. This holds true across generations, gender, and geography.
  • 85% of employees say that an employer-funded coaching program shows them that their employer cares about them.