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[success story] how career coaching strengthened retention, inclusion and employer brand

client profile
ownership: public
size: 50,000+
revenue: $30 billion+
market impact: Fortune 100 company


As a certified Great Place to Work, this Fortune 100 company discovered through an internal survey that barriers to engagement existed within their internal career development and learning programs. First, employees wanted to take control of their careers but lacked the knowhow and plan to do so.

Second, employees could learn new skills toward career development but said the impact of having individual career conversations with a coach on how to apply their learnings was missing. Lastly, managers confidently executed day-to-day duties, but lacked the skills to hold meaningful career conversations with their teams.

As an organization that prides itself on inclusivity, and driving impactful careers for all, not just “high-potentials,” they quickly realized that change was needed to achieve their employee commitments.


The organization partnered with RiseSmart to provide employees with a career coach and online portal packed with career resources. RiseSmart coaches worked with employees to understand where each employee was at in their career journey, and guided them to create a visible roadmap and clearer understanding of how to reach their goals. The result was a scalable solution powered by coaching that leveraged data and proprietary career tools which increased sentiment, employee achievement and the ability to retain top talent in critical roles.


Employees at all levels benefited from 1:1 coaching with high-caliber, certified RiseSmart Career Coaches. Overall, 97% said their RiseSmart coaches helped them form meaningful career goals. Dedicated coaching sessions enabled them to make informed decisions about the evolution of their careers.


Employees reported 100% satisfaction in leveraging articles, videos and podcasts through 24/7 access to RiseSmart’s award-winning online portal. Resources on the portal equipped employees with coaching and learning topics they expressed a need for, including career planning activities, branding and resume tools and skilling resources.


Employees discovered the most in-demand skills needed in the future based on market research from 40,000 sources through RiseSmart’s first-of-its kind AI-driven career data and analytics tools, BrightFit™. Career coaches used these insights, which 97% of employees found valuable, to frame proactive, achievement-driven conversations with employees.

key results

96% of employees said they are now more likely to stay at the company for 2 or more years at a time when data shows 41% of U.S. workers are searching or planning to search for a new job.

Reinforcing a reason to stay. Experience-driven worklife coaching increased sentiment and loyalty of employees to the organization.