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the total talent acquisition playbook.

Your guide to agile, integrated talent management strategies that will prepare your organization for the future of work.

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Integrated talent strategies help you prepare for the unexpected with full workforce visibility and agility

More than ever, your business requires certainty in an uncertain world. Existing business models have evolved suddenly. Customer expectations have shifted. The way you operate seems to change every day. But even though the economy is unpredictable, your business needs assurances.

As a human capital leader, you can help mitigate risk and enhance business continuity with a talent strategy that is both agile and sustainable. Even before the global pandemic, the world of work was transforming quickly. Today, the rate of change has accelerated, requiring business leaders to reset and pivot continuously. To accommodate this trend, your organization must adapt.

But how can you create predictability during such a disruptive time? How do you gather the resources and organizational buy-in you’ll need when so many other priorities are demanding your attention? And do your C-level leaders have the appetite for transformation at a time when attrition is on their minds? They will if you can demonstrate a business imperative.

Even under these trying conditions, employers have compelling reasons to transform their human capital strategies. As global markets ebb and flow, assuring your business leaders that talent is available and scalable gives them confidence to move forward so they don’t miss out on opportunities. Can you guarantee talent readiness to your C-suite and hiring managers?

A total — or integrated — talent management solution is the most effective approach for acquiring and managing your human capital strategy when agility is your goal. This holistic model — which is powered by transparency, data, market insights and collaboration — ensures you have the right talent for your business when you need it. As a result, you’ll have a clear competitive advantage.

Whether you are managing temporary staffing, statement of work (SOW) engagements, permanent employees or gig workers, a total talent management strategy gives you unprecedented access to resources and a 360-degree view of your workforce.

And, when you deploy only the right talent needed to achieve company goals, you ensure the most efficient use of labor spend and significant cost savings over time. At the same time, you’ll have the visibility you need to mitigate complexities that could pose risks and compliance challenges. Most importantly, this holistic approach puts your organization on the right track for recovery ahead, while helping you navigate new challenges with great agility. Isn’t that one of the most imperative goals facing your business today?

5 questions.
Can your organization benefit from total talent transformation?

  1. Is our workforce ready to deploy the specialty skills and agile talent needed to respond to the market challenges ahead?
  2. Are we efficiently using all work arrangements, such as contingent and permanent employees, to get work done when it needs to be done?
  3. Do we have clear visibility of our talent utilization and spend?
  4. Are we certain we are engaging talent in a compliant and efficient way?
  5. Is our HR technology stack able to continuously deliver value and help us manage our people effectively?

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