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beyond expectations: creating impact and resilience through exceptional people experience.

As hiring remains extremely competitive, and talent won’t hesitate to leave their company for a better opportunity, the power has shifted from the employer to the people. To meet this new reality, businesses must deliver a positive and robust people experience (PX); one that focuses on every touch point for all people — permanent employees, contractors and contingent workers alike. 

What does it take to create an effective people experience? The key is to recognize that everyone has a voice, and a choice. Collecting feedback and acting on it, creating a collaborative work culture and identifying the metrics that matter are all crucial steps.

In this podcast, our own Francesca Campalani, global head of Talent Marketing, and Wesley Connor, senior vice president, Global People Experience, discuss the building blocks of an exceptional people experience and the tactical steps to create an environment that truly puts people first.

During the podcast, you’ll learn:

  • the definition of people experience and how it differs from the talent experience (0:36)
  • how the people experience is facilitated by the right technology (3:26)
  • how focusing on the people experience helps to exceed goals and create resilience (4:57)
  • the components of an effective people experience (7:21)
  • examples of companies that are getting it right (10:00)
  • who should be responsible for the people experience (12:09)
  • how to listen to your people and act on those findings (18:02)
  • why the employee value proposition must evolve into a relationship value proposition (23:28)
  • the importance of collecting the right data from your people (27:53)
  • how storytelling is integral to delivering a personalized experience to diverse talent (31:47)
  • how to measure the success of your people experience (36:11)

You can also listen to this podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google podcasts.