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the talent economy, talent intelligence and predictions for 2024 | talent navigator series

This session on ‘building impact on human potential’ is the fourth episode of a 5-part Talent Navigator series to help you unlock the true potential of your workforce. Watch this on demand webinar to delve into some real-world applications for data-driven talent intelligence and predictions in the new talent economy. Global Head of Intelligence, Joost Heins, is joined by Mateusz Górecki to discuss how HR can leverage data and analytics to derive greater insights regarding both talent acquisition and talent management. Using real-world examples and case studies, you’ll learn how data-driven HR intelligence can drive business growth and enhance talent strategies that are informed by insight and more accurate predictions of what it takes to win in the new talent economy. How do you identify where the talent is that your organization needs, and how you can connect with it? What indicators can alert you to the steps you need to take to build or acquire the skills you need in future? And how can you use greater talent intelligence to more effectively manage talent and be ready to adapt to change? Watch this on demand recording for guidance from industry experts in how you can tackle these complex challenges and identify solutions to cultivate a future-ready workforce.