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Randstad RiseSmart launches first-of-its-kind predictive career exploration technology

Randstad RiseSmart BrightFit™ empowers talent to make smarter career decisions and organizations to build more agile, sustainable workforces

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 29, 2021 — Leading outplacement and career mobility provider Randstad RiseSmart today announced the launch of Randstad RiseSmart BrightFit™, the first-of-its-kind predictive career exploration technology that combines extensive labor market data with personalized skills assessments. This technology provides current employees and individuals impacted by workforce restructuring with strategic guidance for their careers.

BrightFit empowers forward-thinking organizations to future-proof their workforce through predictive technology and personalized career coaching. The technology powers RiseSmart Skilling™ and its algorithms analyze real-time labor market data from more than 40,000 sources and over 17,000 associated skills to yield a unique combination of scores. These insights guide individuals to careers with a bright market outlook and a strong skills fit.

“We’re seeing increasing demand from our customers for more effective ways to drive workforce agility while supporting individuals’ long-term employability,” said Dan Davenport, CEO at Randstad RiseSmart. “BrightFit aims to put individuals in the driver’s seat, enabling them to strategically plan their career trajectories by leveraging a unique combination of predictive insights about roles with expert human guidance on how to stay current with the skill sets needed to achieve professional success.”

From an outplacement perspective, BrightFit supports transitioning employees by pointing them to opportunities that have a strong market outlook and roles that best match their skillsets. And from a redeployment and career development angle, it helps create more agile workforces and increases employability — and therefore retention — when workers can not only see the internal opportunities available to them, but also a pathway to advance their careers with the help of skilling and coaching resources.  

By combining data-driven insights with the expertise of RiseSmart coaches, career intelligence is delivered to individuals at every stage — whether they’re pursuing career development, redeploying internally or moving on to their next role outside their organization company.

"Our recent research showed that career development is not at all employee-centric and employers know they need to do better. Employees expect consumer-grade technology so they can explore careers and see learning opportunities, including project and team experiences, not just courses,” said Claude Werder, SVP and Principal HCM Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. "They need to have a way to visualize their career path beyond traditional vertical trajectories. BrightFit is a product that can connect the dots for employees on how to understand their skills, match them to their interests, and to available jobs, to learning, and to the demand for the type of skills they have, or could develop.”

BrightFit users will have access to the following:

  • Market Outlook Score guides talent toward in-demand roles based on growth opportunities and automation risk.
  • Skills Fit Score measures an individual’s competence in skills most important (in-demand and fast growing) to employers to help people identify their skill strengths and weaknesses relative to a target role.
  • Recommendation Engine is an AI-based tool that recommends roles, skills and courses sorted by market outlook, salary, or skills, all ranked in order of match.
  • Personalized course recommendations are created with suggested courses based on an individual's skills gaps and proficiency levels.
  • Career coaches and certified learning advisors help individuals interpret BrightFit data to determine their best course of action, deliver personalized, actionable and timely learning plans and keep them on track to achieve their goals.

According to World Economic Forum, 85 million jobs will be displaced by 2025, while 97 million new jobs will be created. The rapid digital transformation associated with the fourth industrial revolution has created a renewed sense of urgency from businesses across sectors to reskill their workforces.

“In order for organizations to build sustainable and productive workforces, it’s critical to focus on continuously developing skills internally,” said Kevin Gounden, SVP, product & global expansion at Randstad RiseSmart. “BrightFit empowers organizations to implement skilling initiatives that will increase engagement, retention and long-term employability, while driving business agility.”

Learn more about BrightFit here


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