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introducing australia to our most powerful career intelligence tech yet

introducing australia to our most powerful career intelligence tech yet

The agility and innovation at the heart of our Randstad RiseSmart solutions is an essential component of what we do, because you, our customers, consistently need to rethink and review how you manage an ever-changing workforce. 

BrightFit™ launched a little over a year ago, after increasing calls from customers for more effective ways to drive workforce agility while supporting an individual’s long-term employability. 

At the same time as we launched, COVID-19 was still rampant, and talk of the Great Resignation movement was well underway across many countries. Understanding what skills your employees possess and their ambitions and goals became key not just for retaining your top performers, but your entire workforce.

Based on the growing needs of organisations across Asia-Pacific to support evolving workforces and find a resolution to an array of issues, I’m excited to reveal that we are now announcing the general availability of the BrightFit career intelligence service to customers in Australia. In just over twelve months, we have successfully rolled out BrightFit to organisations in the United States of America, the Netherlands, and now with today's news Australia. This means that BrightFit is now available in three countries, soon to be more. 

Australia is a focus for BrightFit with good reason. In June, Australia announced its lowest employment rate (3.5%) for 48 years, with 65% of the working age population in jobs. But below this positive surface outlook lie major issues. According to the OECD, Australia has the second most severe labour and skills shortage in the world. New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that there were as many job vacancies as unemployed people in the country. And, unlike the labor shortage issues we hear about in the US, there isn’t a demographic of people still yet to return to the workforce. There were 224,000 fewer 15-34-year-olds in Australia in May this year compared with March 2020, when the borders were sealed. 

Historically, Australia has depended on temporary workers to fill low-income and unskilled positions. However, with fewer 15-34-year-olds remaining in the country and with inbound migration slow, the talent crunch has happened on a big scale.

In a buoyant labor market, BrightFit’s capabilities enable organisations to support employees with strategic guidance for their careers and develop skills internally. BrightFit is a radically simple way of exploring careers and skills for a user, underpinned by an intelligent, first-of-its-kind predictive career exploration technology that combines extensive labor market data with personalized skills assessments. By guiding talent to in-demand roles and assessing their competency against the required skills, a user can begin to build toward their goal, using courses, coaching and specialised advisors tailored to help overcome individual skill gaps and proficiency levels. The best part is it's all likely to help positively impact internal mobility, employee engagement, and retention for an employer, the three biggest goals cited by employers worldwide in our Worklife Coaching Report. 

And, with layoffs starting to happen worldwide, BrightFit supports employees impacted by workforce restructuring by pointing them to opportunities with a strong market outlook and roles that best match their skillsets. 

We’ll be rolling out BrightFit across more countries over the coming months. You can be sure we’ll be there to support you through these changing times, aiding your workforce agility and helping you promote employability amongst your talent. 

What do you get when you match innovation, technology, and workforce intelligence with scaleable global support? A gold standard in workforce redevelopment, BrightFit.

We look forward to helping organisations across Australia give their employees a chance to create a bright new beginning. If you’re interested in what BrightFit can offer your organisation, please get in touch with me, or a member of our team. 


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