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choosing the best outplacement services partner: the essential guide

choosing the best outplacement services provider

In the event of a layoff or reduction in force (RIF), outplacement is a valuable service that can help affected employees transition to the next phase of their careers. Many companies offer outplacement as part of a severance package to show empathy, improve their brand reputation and to reduce unemployment costs and litigation risks.

When outplacement is effective, it alleviates stress for employees and ensures they’re cared for – even after an organization is forced to make a difficult choice.

This is why it’s important for companies to choose an experienced, results-focused outplacement partner that matches their unique needs and those of impacted employees. Our new resource, ‘the essential guide to choosing the best outplacement services partner’ can help navigate that process.

When you download this free guide, you’ll learn key information including:

what are outplacement services?

Outplacement services help departing employees find their next job by offering assistance such as resume writing, career coaching, job search assistance, networking and more. Employers that offer outplacement will typically hire a third-party supplier and cover the costs for employees to connect with experienced career development professionals or job search tools. Many outplacement providers offer virtual services, which is especially important in an increasingly digital marketplace and given COVID-19 restrictions.

Learn more about the ins and outs of outplacement services – and how to compare providers’ offerings – in the guide.

how do employers benefit from outplacement services?

For affected employees, the advantages of outplacement are clear, but the employer also benefits in several ways. Companies that offer outplacement are seen as more compassionate and often have better reputation among consumers and competitors, helping to attract top-tier talent and new business. Outplacement also builds team loyalty among remaining staff and employers who offer it stand a better chance of rehiring high-performing employees when the time is right.

Outplacement also leads to significant financial and risk-mitigation benefits. Download the guide to learn how.

how do I choose an outplacement firm?

The best outplacement providers use a mix of technology- and human touch-focused solutions to match job seekers with new opportunities. When evaluating outplacement companies, look for providers that align with your company’s values, offer flexible, personalized services and use up-to-date and accessible technology.

There are also several questions you should ask to gauge how each outplacement candidate might best serve your company. Find out exactly what to ask by downloading the guide.

why download our guide?

In our resource,  ‘the essential guide to choosing the best outplacement services partner,’ you’ll learn seven key questions to ask potential outplacement firms, which technologies top outplacement firms use and how to maximize the benefits outplacement can provide to both your company and employees.

You’ll also see a case study that shows how RiseSmart supported a Silicon Valley biotech company with its outplacement solutions. On average, RiseSmart helped transitioning employees find new jobs in less than two months, and achieved a 94% overall satisfaction rate among people who used its services.

Download the guide now to further explore how to choose the best outplacement firm for your needs.

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