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10 tips on how to prevent making a bad situation worse

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In recent weeks we’ve seen layoffs and hiring freezes hit the headlines and social media networks en-mass for the first time in several years. Randstad RiseSmart CEO and Co-founder, Dan Davenport wrote an insightful article on the matter just last week, explaining that what we are seeing is the sub-1,500 employee unicorns and late series funded start-ups and scale-ups cutting employees, and often doing so in a poor fashion. 

But, it doesn’t have to be like this. With expert right-sizing and outplacement services, you can let people go in a kind and considerate way, and set them up for future success.

When the good times roll around again, which they inevitably will for the tech sector, many brands will find it harder to recruit top talent if they don’t get the layoffs right. Tech has been, is, and forever will be a highly competitive sector for talent. Don’t let a quick decision in the here and now, hurt you long term.

Companies all over the world rely on RiseSmart’s market-leading outplacement services to help their employees affected by restructuring. We smoothly transition employees to new beginnings and allow them to find new worklife possibilities. And, I’m proud to say we’ve helped thousands of outplacement participants find a new start.

Here’s our visual guide on how to do layoffs right.


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