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Florin Stan, HR generalist, Randstad Sourceright, the Netherlands

growing professionally every day

After reading an article featuring the most successful Dutch companies, I learned about the existence of Randstad, its company values and its in-house Learning & Development programs. I felt immediately attracted by the idea of being able to work while having the opportunity to keep learning and developing new skills.

Florin Stan, HR generalist, Randstad Sourceright standing outside in a yellow and navy jacket and jeans, holding a camera.On LinkedIn, I came across this very appealing job offer at Randstad Sourceright, promising a work environment where I’d be able to combine teamwork with interesting individual projects. I immediately applied, and here I am, almost one year into my role as an HR generalist. To me, the best thing about my job is that it constantly challenges me and allows me to do meaningful work; therefore, I feel like I'm growing professionally every day!

a direct impact on people

In my role, I’m always looking for opportunities to optimize our HR processes. I connect regularly with colleagues from local HR teams, and together we analyze and act upon the feedback we receive from all employees via the monthly global feedback surveys.

I understand the importance of translating this feedback into action, and I take great pride in listening to our employees and being able to improve their work environment. It definitely gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing I directly help improve the work environment, when I’ve successfully hosted onboarding sessions for new joiners, and when I can exercise my expertise when advising teams and employees on the wide variety of existing procedure policies. I can see the value it has for our people and the company.

building professional relationships

From the first day I started working for Randstad Sourceright, I noticed a very transparent way of doing business and communicating with each other. Everyone is very open and approachable, which I absolutely appreciate. In my experience, this has also led to building strong professional relationships with my co-workers. It’s a work environment where I can explore my capabilities and where I don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes as part of the learning process. I can apply a learning-by-doing approach, where my colleagues and leaders truly encourage us to develop new skills and are there to provide valuable feedback.

shutter therapy

Florin Stan photographyI have a great passion for urban and nature photography. It may sound a bit paradoxical, but while it requires a lot of concentration and mental effort, I find such relaxation in photography. I’m using an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III, with an 8-25mm lens, and my most recent project focuses on people’s movements to enhance the sense of time passing by with Amsterdam as décor.

In my opinion, photography depends a lot on nice weather. At my previous employer, I was often doing everything possible to end my work days on time during sunny days so that I could catch a few photo shots before sunset. However, here, at Randstad Sourceright, I immediately experienced the benefits of having an employer where a healthy work-life balance is a priority.

Florin Stan photographyBeing able to have a flexible work schedule really creates the opportunity to improve and maintain my work-life balance. Another thing that helps me keep a good balance is not being afraid to share with others when I do have a rough day, for example. I think it’s so valuable to know that Randstad has dedicated counselors, guidance and support, if needed.

But above all, to me, happiness both at work and in my personal life translates into having freedom: having the ability to organize my own schedule for my professional and personal life — and this is exactly what I have found at Randstad Sourceright.

If you’d like a job that encourages you to grow and offers flexibility, explore opportunities at Randstad Sourceright.