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Alexa Xu, MSP program manager — Shanghai, China

chasing excellence

Alexa Xu - making work meaningful - Randstad SourcerightI already knew Randstad Sourceright as one of the greatest competitors of my previous employer in China. And as someone who chases excellence in their work, it was obvious that I wanted to be part of the #1 HR services provider in the world.

I joined Randstad Sourceright in February 2019 and now, I’m an MSP program manager in Shanghai, China. In my role, I lead the managed services program (MSP) on-site operations team in China. In this role, I train, coach and mentor the team members to drive strong performance.

I am also responsible for contingent labor program performance management, external and internal stakeholder relationship management, panel supplier rationalization, optimization, SLA/KPI management, and I support new workstream and total talent solutions implementation. I’m always on my toes at work!

filling both work and life with energy

Alexa Xu - making work meaningful - Randstad SourcerightMy work is energetic, collaborative and keeps me inspired. What I love most about my job is the efficiency that comes with it. It takes a high level of efficiency to bring in talent solutions and advisory to hiring managers from clients, to place the right resource in the right position at the right time at the right cost. I like the clients that Randstad Sourceright partners with and the opportunities that I’m provided as an employee. There’s a sense of accomplishment from providing services to key accounts that I greatly value.

I’m an active person even when I’m away from work. I love cardio sports like BodyCombat, boxing, Zumba and yoga. It’s imperative to have a healthy work-life balance, and that’s why I make time to rejuvenate and exercise everyday, without being distracted by meetings, calls or emails. This allows me to enjoy my personal time and to stay focused during my working hours. Even 30 minutes of this makes a huge difference.

lifting yourself up

Alexa Xu - making work meaningful - Randstad SourcerightThis is another reason why I love working at Randstad Sourceright: the company prioritizes the well-being of its employees and offers competitive perks. My favorite is our flexible working opportunities, which enable me to balance my work life and my personal life in a healthy way.

I’ve recently realized that communicating and engaging in a hobby is an effective way to lift myself back up when I’m feeling down. Relieving frustration in healthy ways is important to keep a positive outlook; this can mean shouting out loud, working out or getting a traditional massage.

Overall, nurturing the mental health of ourselves and those around us is really important. Regularly interacting with your seniors, peers and your teammates will help you become a good leader that not only cares about your team’s well-being, but also works towards accelerating their career progression and your own by constantly learning and sharing knowledge.

Want to work in a flexible environment that gives you the opportunity to find your balance too? Check out our open positions at Randstad Sourceright here.