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Hiring managers, recruiters, and other HR decision makers receive hundreds of applications and spend only a few seconds to review a resume or online profile. Since most individuals cannot write about themselves effectively, we do the writing for them. The quality of a resume that’s prepared by a certified professional writer far exceeds a resume that is put together by an individual using a template and some tips on best practices.

our professional resume writers

  • Are matched with participants based on functional expertise and practice area
  • Craft marketing materials that are unique to each participant
  • Are experts at writing keyword-rich resumes that make it through applicant tracking systems
  • Create personal branding materials within one week, accelerating the time to land

benefits of professional branding and resume writing.

Help your employees avoid entering the market with outdated, poorly written personal marketing materials. Our professional resume writers take the time to understand the disparate events of an individual’s career and expertly weave them into a story of progression and execution. Because we have more in-house resume writers than any other vendor, we can serve more job seekers and deliver consistent quality across thousands of employees at the same time.

Professionally written branding materials open doors and help individuals:

  • Get market ready faster
  • Generate more interview invitations
  • Establish a competitive advantage
  • Project an image as a good fit for target companies
  • Shorten job searches
  • Produce better job offers
  • Receive higher starting salaries

our unique approach to professional branding.

Professional branding experts aren’t just great writers. They’re experts at creating custom branded materials to make your employees stand out everywhere – from the applicant tracking system to the hiring manager’s desk.

resume writing

Unlike other outplacement solutions, our certified professional resume writers create customized resumes and online profiles for all career levels and industries. Because we do the work, our program participants don’t have to spend their time trying to create their own resumes, freeing them to network and pursue job leads.

digital profile*

Hiring based on social professional networks is increasing every year. Digital profiles, such as the ones on LinkedIn, provide recruiters and hiring managers greater insights into an applicant’s personality and unique value proposition. We don’t leave your employee’s greatest assets to chance. We write digital profiles to highlight individual talents and ensure your employees stand out among the competition to become highly-sought-after candidates.

cover letter*

We’ll provide your employees with a professionally-written cover letter designed to grab the target employer’s attention and prompt an invitation to interview. With expertly crafted cover letters that demonstrate their understanding of the target company’s pain points and connect their unique skills and experiences to company goals, individuals can successfully apply to and land their dream jobs.

*depending on package level

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