tailor-made coaching for executives.

Today's leaders need to be able to respond quickly to change and adapt their business and personal strategies. Executive Solutions' coaches guide C-levels through key moments in their careers, tailored to their profile and organisation.


guiding c-levels through key moments in their careers.

The organizational landscape of the 21st century is characterized by the increasing speed of change. Shareholders and employees are looking at their executives to successfully guide their organizations through this ever more chaotic world. Agile organizations need agile leaders who adapt and learn quickly to shape their business and personal strategies. Quite a challenge in an era where time to reflect has become extremely scarce.

Randstad RiseSmart developed Executive Solutions, where we coach executives and executive teams in various pivotal situations.


tailored to the needs of every executive.

We adapt our interventions to each particular situation, offering maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We work with the real-life context of the executive and the challenges he/she faces to generate solutions and answers that are immediately applicable. We provide the executive with a safe environment to talk things through and gain perspective. We strongly believe that a combination of expertise, challenging discussions and discovering new perspectives, supported through empathy and encouragement, delivers the highest impact.

We coach executives and executive teams through various kinds of challenges. Although most coachings touch on a number of different aspects, these are the most common themes we address:


career transition (outplacement) 

We inspire and guide the executive at career crossroads from establishing goals to identifying options and successfully transitioning to a new position:

  • define or refine the professional objectives,
  • identify and evaluate career options,
  • unlock the labour market,
  • ensure a successful integration in the new environment and role.


personal development - self-leadership

We challenge and support the executive in his/her personal development and in heightening self-awareness. This makes the executive more aware of who he/she is and what he/she wants, lets the executive discover his/her goals, values and competencies. Through the use of our powerful questions, we help the executive develop new skills for a more robust yet adaptable leadership style, an optimal integration, conflict management, operational versus strategic management, etc.


team development - leadership

We support teams in transforming diversity into constructive collaboration, enhancing confidence, strengthening leadership and self-leadership, engagement and ownership and improving team results and more. 


sounding board and shadow coaching

our executive coach supports the executive through key career moments: 

  • as a trusted partner

We are the sounding board for the executive while defining his/her career strategies. Coaching sessions become exclusive safe havens to bounce off ideas, to explore scenarios and to decide on the way forward.

  • with a proven leadership track recordsWe know the world the executive works and lives in.

As career counselors and certified coaches, we bring together business expertise and hands-on coaching skills.

  • a combination of our professionalism with a human-centered approach

The executive will benefit from our empathy and straightforward questions. This is how we help the executive define who and what he/she wants to be, and we support the executive on the path towards that goal.


our executive approach.

a personalized 360° guide and support

The goal of this executive programme is to develop a long-term career vision – determining possible career steps and new directions – parallel to the development of self-insight as the basis for further development of the necessary skills and behaviors for a successful career. 

Our executive coaches share their expertise on all career-specific issues for a ‘corporate’ option, an entrepreneurial option or a ‘portfolio’ option (combination of different tracks: board mandates, assignments, etc.) by leveraging both on their coaching skills and their market expertise.

These like minded partners are skilled at tapping into their experience and expertise to help participants create clarity on the direction that the participant wishes to pursue based on a proven methodology, tools and coaching sessions. Natural talent, acquired expertise and behavioral competencies, career values, personality traits, leadership style and ambitions are all thoroughly analyzed. The approach is tailored to the specific needs of every organization and participant. 


a unique combination of activities

coaching sessions

The participant receives individual guidance. This involves an unlimited number of counseling sessions with a designated senior executive coach (combined experience in business, coaching and senior management).

Exclusive and personal coaching can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual through a custom approach and availability seven days a week.


interactive sessions & network

The individual sessions alternate with thematic interactive sessions. These sessions, exclusively for executives, are organized on a regular basis – delivered by external experts – and cover a wide range of themes related to the development of a unique ‘personal brand’, market approach, impactful communication, LinkedIn, Interim Management, interviewing skills, networking via digital and other media, setting yourself up as a freelancer or independant, etc. 

During the ‘business roundtables’ – attended by peer executives – various problems faced by the participants are tackled based on co-development methodology and under the guidance of an executive coach.  This channel offers participants an extra opportunity to network. Best practices, tips and tricks and contact information are frequently shared.  The participant also has access to networking circles and events and can look forward to personal introductions.

If relevant, the participant can also be put into touch with our Randstad RiseSmart career partners in other countries to facilitate access to the ‘local’ job market in those countries. 


technology and tools 

From the very start of the process, the participant is given unlimited access to our digital career platform ‘Spotlight’. This platform provides access to webinars, network support, job application follow-up module, access to an international copywriter for writing an executive level CV and cover letter, a video interview module, specific databases for executives and much more. ‘Spotlight’ also contains an extensive coaching library with over a hundred documents with tips on the job application process and career development.   

Until one month after completing the program, the participant is also given access to the following skilling platforms: Udemy for Business and GoodHabitz. These give the participant the opportunity – where relevant in terms of the new path to be followed – to perfect his or her skills and competencies.

In addition, the participant has access to specialized tools and job market specialists with a focus on well-being, contract negotiations, interviewing and assessment centers, etc. The participant has lifelong access to this portal and can continue to consult the coaching library, as well as the branding materials and job search data, after the program has come to an end. 

The participant has unlimited access to a workstation at all of our branches. Access to a personal office and meeting room is also possible on request. 


what we offer.

  • Our coaches have held senior management positions and combine this experience with comprehensive coaching skills. They are familiar with C-level challenges and are empathetic to the situations that executives will likely face. They are also available when needed in a safe and exclusive environment.
  • We work with a dedicated team with many years of experience in executive coaching and complementary competencies and experience. And it goes without saying that we can also tap into the know-how available within our international group when needed.
  • We match the right coach with the right coachee and continuously adapt our approach to changing needs. This guarantees maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We have a vast toolbox and put in it the right tools and proven methodologies that are appropriate for each individual participant.
  • We are fully committed to offering an extensive national and international network through our international approach and introductions to the right individuals.
  • We work with external experts in specific niches, who organize specialized high-quality workshops on specific themes, in addition to the traditional offerings.
  • We utilize a strong, well-defined coaching framework custom-tailored to every individual coachee.
  • We are fully up to date: we work with modern methodologies and innovative tools, we are familiar with the latest legal developments and closely monitor the job market for our executives.
  • Our approach is exclusive, confidential and has a long-term focus.
  • high flexibility, accessibility, passion, enthusiasm and dedication are key!
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