get the best out of your employees and your teams.

Talent development is not a topic that only concerns HR. It is a strategic business function that contributes to achieving objectives. This requires a long-term approach; it is the only way to work towards a productive, healthy corporate culture where new recruits are happy to come to work and existing talents endorse the organisation's vision and give their best. Randstad RiseSmart supports companies and individuals in this.


talent development, the strategic item on the agenda.

Talent development is a topic that concerns everyone! It is not just the responsibility of the organization. Developing each employee's potential as a talent is the focus here.

  • How can employees maximize their potential?
  • How can you support the growth of your organization by guiding your talent in his/her growth?

These are the 2 key questions at stake. This requires a long-term approach. Only in this way can you work on a productive, healthy company culture that attracts new talents, where employees enjoy coming to work and where current employees and their talents endorse the vision of the organization, give the best of themselves and thus contribute maximally to achieving the corporate objectives. Investing in talent development results in sustained growth and engagement resulting in stronger retention, higher productivity and better results.


our approach.

Taking a holistic approach - looking to the future and with a growth mindset - we focus on the organization as a whole as well as each team and individual who contributes to it. Our vision of a successful talent strategy, tailored to the organization and its employees, is one of shared responsibility.

As an employer, the organization must know what talents it has in house and draw up a strategy to make maximum use of the present and unused potential. The employee must take ownership of his career, his skills, his talents and his potential.

It is the organization's job as an employer to create an environment where employees can develop their talents and it is up to the employee to get the best out of himself. Randstad RiseSmart supports all parties involved to create a sustainable win-win:

  • Employee
  • Manager
  • Human Resources team
  • Management & senior leadership team


We support the employee to take control of his career with confidence and autonomy:

  • We guide the employee to identify his skills and talents, to determine which talents he still wants to develop to enhance his own job happiness
  • We challenge the employee to look beyond the obvious, to take on new challenges in order to empozer himself and make him more employable
  • We educate the employee on how to gain insight into their own preferences, values and priorities for the future. (Who am I, what can I do and above all what do I want?).
  • We work effectively with their action plan and coach them in sharpening and/or developing predefined skills.

We show the employee how to enter into a career dialogue with his manager in order to realize his own ambitions.


We guide the manager in his role as career coach:

  • How to listen to his employee and further guide his employee in his career development
  • How to enter into a real talent/career conversation: preparing for it, entering into career dialogue and not limiting oneself to evaluating current performance.

hr & management team/senior leadership team

We engage with HR and management around their strategic vision for talent development. We map its impact on employees and teams. Our role is mainly to support them in drawing up a sustainable talent policy and to guide them in the coaching role they can take towards managers and employees.


structural, group and/or individual.

Randstad RiseSmart has experienced and certified career coaches who coach employees individually and/or in groups, working with the latest tools and methodologies. This can be a combination of:

  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Deployment of specific tools for support
  • Half-day or full-day interactive sessions
  • Supporting the peer coaching process
  • Webinars and e-learnings

on the employee's own initiative (career vouchers).

As an individual, you sometimes have questions about your career and it is not always easy to find an answer on your own. Thanks to the career voucher system, our experienced career coaches can help you with this reflection exercise. The career guidance package consists of tailor-made career coaching sessions and an action plan. For the first career voucher, you pay a contribution of 45€. This offers you 4 hours of career coaching. After completing the first career coaching, you can apply for a second career voucher. For this career voucher, you will also pay a contribution of 45€ and you will receive 3 hours of additional career coaching. You can apply for your career vouchers via the VDAB website. Consequently, select "RiseSmart Career Focus" as your career center of choice.

This way, you take your career back into your own hands and we will be there as your career guide to support you in making the right decisions.