leadership is not just hierarchical leadership.

At Randstad Risesmart Belgium, we see leadership not only as a hierarchical relationship. For us, leadership is also personal leadership. It is a process of positive influence. In organizations, we strive to ensure that this mutual influence between employees, whether in a hierarchical relationship or not, contributes as much as possible to both the organization's mission, and the development and job happiness of employees.



The challenges of the 21st century show that we need good leadership more than ever before. It has been proven time and again that leadership is one of the most important factors that influences the results as well as well-being in organizations. The BANI context where we work and live in, where ‘brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible, seems to be the common mantra, requires organizations to be agile and proactive. This requires leadership at all levels in the organization, from the CEO to the individual contributor. 


our vision.

"Leadership is a process of self-insight and positive influence with the aim of bringing out the best in yourself and in others, in order to achieve the objectives of the organization.”

This is why, at Randstad Risesmart Belgium, we do not see leadership only as a hierarchical relationship. Leadership for us is also personal leadership. It is a process of positive influence. In organizations, we strive to ensure that this mutual influence between employees, whether in a hierarchical relationship or otherwise, contributes to the organization's mission as well as to the employees' development and happiness at work as much as possible.  

Personal leadership is the basis for all other forms of leadership and lies at the heart of how we support organizations, teams and individuals. Personal leadership can contribute to purpose, happiness and well-being, which translates into personal fulfillment and great results. 

It is our firm belief that all people in an organization can make a positive difference, for themselves, for their colleagues and for the organization. Our philosophy is based on two universal principles that form the basis of good personal leadership: “Positive Connection” and “Authentic Adaptability.”

  • positive connections are based on trust, respect, recognition, autonomy and meaning, not on power and fear. You can build on strong, positive connections. The stronger the positive connection, the stronger the mutual positive influence can be.
  • authentic adaptability means that leadership must be authentic and at the same time attuned to the context, the situation, the people involved, the nature of the work, the timing, the culture, etc. There is therefore no single uniform, all-encompassing model or a single ideal style when it comes to leadership. Leadership is the continuous deployment of "the best versions of yourself" in order to get the desired impact within a certain context.

We see leadership as a balancing act between being true to your personal preferences and adapting to the context and the objectives. The "rope" in this balancing act is held tight by the "positive connection" between you and the other. The stronger this connection is, the more powerful the influence can be.


our approach.

Leadership development is a journey of enriching insights and experiences for all (people)-leaders, based on the organizational context and needs as well as on the expectations of participants. We work intensively with all participants around developing skills and gaining insights supported by extra tools and a common language anchored by all leaders. Every level within the organization and every participant takes ownership of embedding this leadership vision in the organization.

Our leadership roadmap:

  1. We always start with a thorough intake with the management team and HR
  2. Ideally followed by an additional session with a target audience or focus group (a combination of different leadership levels) to have a clear understanding of the situation as it is and to explore and define in co-creation the ‘to be’ situation 
  3. Design of the leadership program - tailored and always a combination of individual sessions and highly interactive learning sessions: pragmatic, based on recognisable business cases with tangible takeaways. 
    • possible formats are always interactive, in person sessions of half a day or day, virtual sessions, webinars (live or recorded), preparatory assignments, peer coachings, etc 
    • additional learning snacks can be added as support

We are convinced that the themes below play an essential role in leadership development today:

  • my role as a leader
  • my role as a communicator
  • my role as motivator
  • my role as (career) coach

Depending on the organization's context, needs, objectives, etc., other themes may also be chosen or added:

  • my role in the well-being of my team
  • my role as team coach
  • my role in change/transformation
  • my role in difficult conversations
  • my role as an inclusive leader
  • my role as an inspirational leader

are you ready to develop a skilled, empowered, and agile leadership strategy?

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