setting the standard.

Randstad RiseSmart is committed to helping organizations shape the world of work by helping employees achieve their true potential.

Giving HR customers and their employees the best guidance means ensuring that our people:

  • continually refresh their skills and learn new ones
  • can learn anytime, anywhere
  • deliver a globally consistent Human Forward experience by applying these skills
  • proactively pursue ongoing training and development
  • receive recognition for their achievements

what are digital badges?

A digital badge is a visual, web-enabled representation of the skills learned by completing a course, certification program or assessment. It is verifiable, portable and sharable proof of what an individual has achieved. RiseSmart’s digital badging program is hosted by Credly Acclaim, a leading digital badging platform provider.

an industry first .

badging our ‘team of 3’

Our career mobility ‘Team of 3’ – made up of a career coach, a professional branding expert and a job concierge – are the first at RiseSmart to be offered a series of annual, multi-level, role-specific credentialing courses through RiseSmart University, our global digital learning platform that has already served over 1,000 of our service delivery professionals across 56 countries.

RiseSmart University certification courses are based on the internally rigorous standards that have distinguished our service delivery team members as among the best in the industry. Our professionals receive digital badges upon successfully demonstrating prerequisite skills and accomplishments, and completing coursework and certification exams.

As a part of the launch of the digital badging program, all career mobility team members who have completed RiseSmart's comprehensive onboarding training course receive a Career Mobility Team badge to signify their demonstration and commitment to delivering impeccable services.

As new skills are required across disciplines, we will continue to refresh content and add new training and badges.

customer benefits.

globally consistent service delivery

Digital badging provides objective, verifiable proof of internal training and skills so that customers – from Fortune 50 to small businesses – can rest assured they will receive consistent delivery of our services across the globe.

high-quality experiences

Skills and requirements are changing more rapidly than ever. By providing ongoing learning opportunities to our workforce, we are making sure that our teams stay current and continue to deliver exceptional experiences with best-in-class skills.


HR customers and their participating employees can easily view the skills attained by each member of the career transition team and any other employee who participates in our training.