what is a consultants on demand solution?

Randstad Sourceright’s consultants on demand solution is an alternative way for you to engage talent — from IT professionals, procurement, project managers and business analysts to legal consultants — when you need immediate expertise and reliability, but want to mitigate risks. 

Rather than hiring a permanent employee or engaging with a contractor, the consultants-on-demand model offers you a pool of highly qualified consultants.

Our employed consultants have a permanent mindset but offer you flexibility so you can fulfill your immediate needs with trusted and talented individuals.

One advantage of this model is that you can direct, manage and control these consultants without being concerned about the risks that are associated with this as they are permanently employed by Randstad Sourceright.

the benefits

minimise risk

Our consultants on demand solution reduces risks for you because every professional placed with your organisation is employed by Randstad Sourceright, eliminating other labour regulations often associated with contingent workforce management.

workforce and business agility

We recognise your need to scale up and down quickly with ready talent. Our consultants on demand model provides a quick, agile and flexible solution. Stay one step ahead with a future-proof workforce for today’s competitive business environment.

a curated and ready talent pool

You will have access to a curated pool of highly qualified talent who have been assessed and interviewed and are committed to driving business impact. Many will come with an excellent track record having worked with us previously.

access to unique skills and experience

Access talent across a variety of skill-sets and experiences with a permanent mindset and attitude committed to adding value to your business. 

Examples include: business analysts, business intelligence experts, marketing and communications professionals, change management leaders, programme managers, diversity and inclusion experts, legal and risk consultants, technology professionals and technical project managers, as well as data consultants, procurement professionals and payroll experts.

leave the HR management to us

Our dedicated team handles rewards, career management, and training and development for consultants. We will engage with you throughout the assignment to obtain feedback to manage performance, allowing you to focus on your core work.

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