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The growing skills gap, job flexibility, shifting organizational priorities and the rise of AI are reshaping business, markets and the global talent landscape right now. The strategic workforce choices you make as a talent leader today can have a lasting impact on whether your organization thrives — or simply survives — tomorrow.

That may be why so many talent leaders report feeling overwhelmed. In our 2024 Talent Trends research, 72% say they are concerned about the skills gap — the highest level since 2019 — 56% feel they’re not keeping up with the rapid speed of digital transformation, and 80% are on their journeys to becoming skills-based organizations, which is no small undertaking. All the while, 64% report they’re being pressured to do more with less this year.

As your business evolves, transforms and reimagines its future, how will you generate better ways for people and technology to work together? How will you inspire people to rise to their potential while fulfilling organizational goals? How will you usher in new ways of working, thinking and motivating that will create value for years and decades to come?

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about the 2024 Talent Trends research

Now in its ninth year, Randstad Enterprise’s Talent Trends research has provided insights that human capital leaders need to drive business agility and results with their talent strategies. The 2024 Talent Trends research is a survey of 1,076 C-suite and human capital leaders at global and regional organizations, across 21 markets worldwide. 

It is our largest survey ever and is designed to help our clients and the broader business community understand the top HR and talent acquisition trends for 2024. This year, our research uncovers how employers are adapting to rapid digital transformation; unlocking the potential of technology, data and people, who are the true heart of their business; and building the skilled, sustainable workforces that bring their companies’ goals to life.

Conducted by a third party on behalf of Randstad Enterprise, survey panels are composed of business leaders who influence both strategic and operational decisions for their organizations. Online surveys were conducted via external panels during Q4 of 2023. Interviews were self-administered and could be taken across devices (including mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops). 

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